intercultural relationshipsCanada is a country that has a diverse culture.  Every  year, thousands of immigrants come into our country and we welcome their beliefs and customs.  Some of the larger cities have areas that are unique to each culture.  Toronto has little Italy, Chinatown,  Portugal Village and various other ethnic areas.  Vancouver has Greektown, Japantown and Chinatown among others.


Find the biggest bowl you have in the kitchen.   Then measure out 6 cups of the following ingredients:

1 cup of kindness

1 cup of understanding

1 cup of honesty

1 cup of forgiveness

1 cup of support

1 cup of patience

Fill up with as much love as you can fit into the bowl.  Mix well and sprinkle the top with communication.   Put into bowls and share immediately with everyone you know until it is all used up.  Then make more as quickly as possible and keep on hand at all times so you never run out.   Created by I M CONFIDENT NIAGARA CANADA



Christmas peaceThe office was having its annual Christmas party and all of the staff was enjoying the celebration.  George was talking to Dan about visiting his family for Christmas.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my family.  It’s been almost a year since I last saw them.  I wish they lived closer.   What are you doing for Christmas, Dan?”

“Nothing really.  I’ll probably just watch a few old movies and eat some junk food.”  (more…)

2 kids arguingPeople naturally like to be right.  We like to win the battle.  We like to be the centre of attention.  We want people to think we are smart.  We want people to respect us.  We want to be understood.   Of course, the other person wants all these things too and we can’t both win the battle.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we need to allow ourselves to lose.  (more…)

Business DiscussionWhat is communication?

Communication occurs when we send or receive messages to another person in a verbal or non-verbal manner.   This can be done in person, on the phone, by mail or through the internet.   When communicating with others, we are trying to convey a message, express our thoughts or ask questions.   It is important that we learn how to communicate effectively so others will understand what we are trying to say.   It is impossible to have good relationships if we don’t know how to communicate effectively. (more…)

Attractive Woman Holds Holiday Gifts Isolated on a White Background.Christmas can certainly be chaotic.  People rush everywhere trying to get things done in time for Christmas Day.  Houses to decorate, presents to buy, guests to invite, food to prepare……time flies quickly.   Soon Christmas is upon us and family gathers together to share this wonderful time of year.

Ideally, we should all feel the love of this great season and be able to share special memories with our families and friends. (more…)

good relationshipsRelationships are important.  We have a relationship with everyone we meet.  These relationships can be very brief or last for a long time depending on the people involved or the situation.   We may encounter people for a day or a few days at a meeting and never see them again or we may work closely with the same people every day. (more…)