Waterfall Meditation, feel it’s flow

Waterfall Meditation for the Energy Body

Waterfall Meditation for our Energy Body, An of Body Experience

This Waterfall Meditation becomes a natural timing and feeling associated with being. The effect of this timing has an effect on human health. Reflected in having a sense of flowing from moment to moment with the world at large.  This Waterfall Meditation is a good one to help set up an Out of Body Experience. The Waterfall Meditation has been studied and found to be a wonderful way to start the flow of other world experiences. This dreaming Journey will take you out and bring you back again. Nothing to lose but the Physical Body itself. Really, who needs that anyway? There’s more where that came from, or you can take it with you. (more…)

We live in a Holographic Universe.

HolographicThe Holographic Universe our 4D Model of reality, looks and feels real. Our Mind can play Tricks on us. Keeping an open mind to this idea could change our image of human nature, our culture, our history, our beliefs, our understanding, even our reality. There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it, from snowflakes, to pine trees, stars in the sky, to spinning electrons, even our DNA, are projections from a level of reality, beyond both space and time.


Our Energy Body in Self Reflection, Chakra Tuneup

Energy Body

Our Energy Body

We are more than just flesh and bones. We are energy and as such we have Our Energy Body. Awakening our energy body is of primary importance to experience new realities and new dimensions. A Chakra tuneup maybe all that’s needed to have these experiences and an increased awareness of ourselves and the new worlds in which we may live.


Releasing your Fears Guide

Releasing your Fears

Releasing your Fears

Releasing your Fears with this Practical Method is actually really easy. Are you presently be controlled by your Fears? This method is handed down by the American Indians to allow one to do just that. They aren’t just telling one to release their Fears. They are showing us how! When one wishes to release their Fears using this Practical Method they find it is a simple, fun and enjoyable way to let them go. One has nothing to lose but the fears themselves. Be free of them. They serve no purpose but to enslave ones mind. Nokomis will help you find your Manidoo.


Beef, It's what's for Dinner! Yikes, that means Me.

Beef, It’s what’s for Dinner! Yikes, that means Me.

Beef, It’s what’s for Dinner?

Beef, It’s not just Beef Anymore.

Beef isn’t the only animal that’s in Hamburger. As the bumper sticker and commercials state. Which we have all seen on T.V.

If you don’t consume Meats and your a vegetarian there’s something here for you as well. We are What We Eat as the saying goes! The question is, Do we really know what we are eating? Chances are we don’t and that’s where the mystery lies. Most of us meat eaters LOVE a good hamburger. But are hamburgers 100% Beef?

Finding Joy Is Easy.Once one know how!

Finding Joy Is Easy.
Once one know how!

Finding Joy in ones life is not that difficult. What is joy? Where does one find it? Once one finds joy, what do we do with it? Do we just experience it and then move on to some other emotion?

When one finds joy it’s the start of a new adventure in the discovery of ones purpose in life, The Totality of ones Desires, ones Hopes and Dreams. This writing will answer the lifes long question of: Why am I here?


child_universeWe all need friends to get us the tough times and to share our good times. The writer has some tips that can help you do just that. These tips come from years of experience and weeks of talking with friends. If the reader wants more Friends and Influence People, than these tips will allow the reader to say the right thing at the right time to Win Friends and Influence People. (more…)

pillars-of-creationCreation. We all want to manifest a better life for ourselves. Creating a Reality that we want reflected back to us. Understanding and using these 4 Laws Of Creation will allow the reader to create a parallel reality of their own choosing. Choose wisely. Since reality is a reflection of our emotions and belief systems we sometimes wonder why life gives us lemons. (more…)

freedom222We are Masters of Limitations because we as human consciousness have limited our perceptions to a three dimensional Reality. We have been working our consciousness way up and out of these limitations we have placed upon ourselves to find our way back to the source. (more…)

child_universeThe Manifestation of Reality our Desitny, our stairway to heaven. Manifesting a new reality is what December 21, 2012 was all about. Have you started your journey on the stairway to a new reality for yourself? If not what are you waiting for?

With any stairway their are steps that must be taken to arrive at the desired destination or reality. It’s been said, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with our first step”. Taking that first step in the Manifestation of Reality is always the hardest because we don’t know were to start. (more…)

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness

Traveling at the Speed of Consciousness our Human Destiny which opens up new realities and new worlds for our human discovery. The Power of Consciousness is beyond our imagination. Consciousness is Spirit, and can not be block by any substance or barrier known thus far. Mind over matter is the common expression. I purpose, Consciousness over matter is more accurate. Since studies have proven that Consciousness is not a function of the brain itself, but goes much deeper to the cellular level and beyond. (more…)

deathCould the new Disease Conditions the Human Population is suffering now be caused by eating Gmoz foods? Your Sterilization is just an added bonus. How do you feel? New Diseases and Conditions appear to pop up every day. Like ADD, and ADHD are all brand new Conditions and seem to be on the rise in children and adults. Plus. for the first time in years the birth rate has gone down in the U.S.A. Coincidence or is there an Evil plan? (more…)

It seems Life, whether human or otherwise, is no longer sacred. Many of today’s scientists and corporations, who actually believe that tampering with the genetic blueprints of living beings ( Genetics) will somehow improve humanity and create a better world. (more…)

Verizon Files a Patent for a Creepy Device to Watch You While You Watch TV.

Welcome to the New World Order. Verizon wants to be the eye in the pyramid of the NWO. Are we going to allow this? You’re having an argument with your partner while watching your Verizon television, and suddenly an advertisement comes on for marriage counseling. (more…)

Nephilim Giants,

You be the judge. I believe there were giants not because it’s written in the scriptures, but there is picture and archeological proof of the Nephilim. They say a pictures worth a thousand words. Seeing is believing, Right?

There were giants on the earth in the past, and if this is the truth, they soon be coming back. Apparently the Nephilim live here before the dawn of man (more…)

Where in returning to Dreamtime, I dream of new realities, new beginnings, and new worlds the likes which the mankind has never known. Except in their dreams! Dreaming is an adventure we can take every night while we sleep. Dreamtime can be as real time as life.

” Only humans beings have come to the point where they no longer know why they exist. They don’t use their brains and they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, or their dreams. (more…)