cusineayurveda2Ayurvedic Cooking is an integral part of the Ayurvedic wisdom, it`s purpose is to heal the body and the mind and keep the body and the mind in balance. Ayurveda is Sanskrit for ” the knowledge of life or daily living”. It means that humans come from nature and are an integral part of the universe, and also that we have a responsibility towards the world we live in. The balance of the universe lives within us.




Ayurvedic food: what is a kichedie?

Kichedi is a simple and delicious preparation of rice, moong dhal or other beans, and a combination of legume that is frequently in Ayurveda because it as a balancing effect and promotes efficient digestion. All six tastes such as sweet, sour, salt, pungent,bitter and astrigent are present in this preparation.





handsThe magic moment of creation :

Creation is a way to express something thats go farther then your own person , your stomach , your heart, everything is moving to let it come out, i have no experience with pregnancy yet, but every time a creative process is done, i feel i give in a way a birth.

Sometimes it can start in a dream, a vision, that you keep thinking why did i dream that ?? (more…)