motivation actionSo we have created some positive physical habits in the first part of 10 Ways to Kick Start Motivation and some positive mental habits in the last one. If you have given it a little bit of dedication, you should be feeling pretty motivated already. Motivation needs consistency though, there is no point in being motivated for two weeks and then letting it slip through your fingers, or even worse, not using it to act. Action is probably the most important part of motivation; it allows for growth, movement and achievement. It also perpetually motivates motivation. (more…)

motivation fear-improvementOnce you have spent a week or two challenging yourself to a good diet and exercise program (part 1) your motivation will be up and we can begin focus on the next two steps to kick start motivation.  (more…)

The yin and yang of meditationHistory has a strong line of meditation teachings. They may vary, but the principal is always very similar, and the objective the same. Quieting the mind. This is what meditation is all about; learning to quiet the mind and sit (or lie) still for a little while. (more…)

Motivation is always difficult to cultivate. I say cultivate because it is not something you achieve and then can move on from, you have to maintain it. But maintaining motivation can only be accomplished once one has moved out of a space of lethargy. Here are 10 ways to kick start motivation: (more…)