Here’s a great recipe that adds variety to your diet! ….Another added bonus – it’s gluten free! With the cooler weather something warm and nutritious provides comfort and healing for the body. The below video includes a  winter food, the bell pepper. For more information on winter foods please visit my previous article: Nurturing Your Body: Nutrient Dense Foods For Winter. (more…)

soreback200If you are one of the many that works in front of a computer all day then you may wish to consider incorporating a few simple upper body stretches that can rejuvenate, replenish and get you centered and balanced. (more…)

Stress200Are you feeling a little sluggish and under the weather? Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? We’ve all been there and it is a frustrating place to be. But, there is a solution! Many are affected by sluggish adrenals or Adrenal Fatigue at one point or another in their lives. (more…)

raw organic milkI am an avid raw organic milk drinker. I believe it heals the body and nourishes the immune and digestive systems alike. It’s a powerful probiotic and an incredible super food. One 8 oz. glass a day can improve overall health.

You’ll find many wonderful testimonials regarding raw milk and it’s attributes.  Equally, there are negative ones. Within the U.S raw milk is banned in 28 states, making it somewhat a controversial topic. (more…)

raw cacao

There are so many benefits of raw cacao. Where do I begin? Raw cacao is considered a superfood known to promote longevity and cardiovascular health. Cacao comes from the cacao bean grown on cacao trees and is most commonly found in South America, Malaysia and Africa. (more…)

nutrient dense foods

Help support your body and your health with foods that are very nurturing for the body during the winter season. By choosing foods wisely you help foster optimal health. Food can be used to help strengthen and boost your immune system, promote healthy brain function and maintain your energy level throughout the day.  Below is a list of nutrient dense foods that will calm, ground and balance your system: (more…)


Feeling a little overwhelmed? Do you find yourself feeling anxious, tense and yet, you’re still going, going, going? Are you running low on fuel in a busy world, trying to meet deadlines that seem out-of-reach and your ability for tolerance is slowly diminishing taking your mind, body and spirit into the dark abyss that I have come to call ‘Crappy Land?’ Like Michael Jackson sang,”You Are Not Alone.” We’ve all been there and it is not a fun or fulfilling place to be. (more…)


I was introduced a few years ago to the amazing healing powers of Turmeric Root and since then I have been consistent in making Turmeric Tea a daily ritual.

The turmeric plant or Curuma Longa, is a native of South Asia and Indonesia. turmeric root or rhizomes have been used for thousands of years as a medicine in China, India and in Ayurvedic Healing.

Why Turmeric? The active ingredient in Turmeric is called curcumin which has been found to provide a list of wonderful effects: (more…)