healthy_at_100There are thousands of books out there claiming to offer the magic formula for healthy eating. As always, some of them are good, some are average and others are not worth the paper they’re printed on. This post will vary briefly reviewed for books which, in my humble opinion at least, represent the top of the crop when it comes to nutrition literature for a popular audience. (more…)

diet madnessIt is an often quoted statistic that the long-term success rate of dieting is roughly 5%. This number is obviously much disputed (after all – 95% of all statistics are made up on the spot ;-)), but I think that most people would agree that structuring healthy eating through dieting fails more often than it succeeds. This is why the healthy nutritional environment we are building here involves no calorie counting whatsoever. (more…)

food cravingsThe simple nutritional environment described in the previous three posts (buying healthy foods, effectively getting these healthy foods into your home and turning these healthy foods into quick and tasty meals) will require some time to set up and get used to. Also, once it is set up, it will need to be maintained and protected against attacks from irrational food cravings. This post will therefore give some guidelines on how you can kill your cravings and maintain your healthy nutritional environment. (more…)

WHFThe previous two posts gave some general guidelines for selecting and buying healthy foods. No specifics were given (and none will be given now) for one simple reason: the specific healthy foods you bring into your home will depend almost exclusively on your favorite quick, healthy and delicious recipes. And yes, that is the reason why its so essential to know your way around the kitchen. (more…)

Intelligent grocery shoppingThe previous post started building our intelligent micro-environment for automatic healthy nutrition by giving some guidelines for buying healthy foods. This post will continue along these lines by making sure that we actually get these healthy foods into our homes by doing intelligent grocery shopping. (more…)

buy healthy foodsAs discussed previously, the primary aim of this post series is to build intelligent micro-environments within which happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living happens automatically and naturally. The first intelligent micro-environment we will discuss deals with nutrition. And yes, there is no better way to start construction on this micro-environment than to buy healthy foods. (more…)

do the right thingIn this post we’ll talk about something called an intelligent micro-environment. Yep, I know it sounds pretty weird, but it really is quite simple. An intelligent micro-environment is simply a space within which doing the right thing becomes completely automatic and natural.

Unfortunately, the world we live in today (we’ll call that our macro-environment) seems to be custom-made to make all the wrong things automatic and natural. (more…)

one in a billionWe live in a world awash with incredible material abundance and opportunity. No generation before us has ever had access to so much stuff, so much information and such freedom for self-determination. Indeed, if you are one of the billion richest people on the planet (which you most probably are), this truly is a fascinating time to be alive.

Unfortunately however, most of us rich folks take this incredible privilege totally for granted  (more…)