Are you listening?… for real?


“There are people who, instead of listening to what is being said to them, are already listening to what they are going to say themselves.”
Albert Guinon

I love this quote, because it is so true, most people are much better at talking than at listening, most of us have an innate need for approval, support, understanding, etc., and we often express it by talking. However, there is an imbalance between these needs and their fulfillment, because true listening is a rare skill. True listening is a great gift. (more…)

forgivenessWhy do we need to forgive?

Forgiving is a gift we give ourselves, it gives us freedom from negative emotions and power to move on with our lives!

When somebody or something has caused us pain, we can be overwhelmed by anger, frustration and sadness and as time goes by, we can get stuck in a cycle of blame. The more we ruminate about what caused us pain, the more we let our negative emotions control our life, and by doing so, we lessen our quality of life.

To get to the point where we can really forgive and not be hurt anymore, we need to recognize our own power to change our feelings, expectations, and behavior.

Forgiveness is not about who caused the pain or why, forgiveness is about our own self, it is about breaking the negative cycle and regaining power over our life. About becoming stronger, not a victim. (more…)

writingSome time ago, I took a workshop on the healing qualities of journaling, and it made a great impact on me.

I remembered that as a teenager, I had a secret journal where I would write my feelings and thoughts. Later in life, in moments of conflict, I used to write letters to a loved one, mainly to put my thoughts in order and/or to communicate them accurately. And now I use writing as an emotion-release tool. In fact, I had been using writing all along (without realizing its positive effect.)

The fact and the matter is, when we write, we put our thoughts in “raw” format, writing is a direct way to express ourselves, just as other forms of art can be, such as: painting, dancing, playing music, etc. Writing can be revealing of our deepest truths and feelings. (more…)

relationshipsThis week I picked a subject that will probably touch most of us…
Let’s face it, relationships are complicated, so what can we do to about it?

In this post, I refer mainly to relationships as men and women lovers. Although there are many more relationships in our lives, and different kinds of them, today I would like to talk about this kind in particular.

A few years ago I read John Gray’s famous book:Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
and I recommend it to anybody who is in a relationship or wants to be. Reading this book truly opened my eyes to a lot of truths about men, that I had never imagined, let alone understood! There are different opinions on this book, but I personally found it very helpful and accurate. (more…)

eft-pointsThis week I would like to talk about EFT, which stands for: Emotional Freedom Technique.
EFT is also known as Meridian Tapping or just Tapping, and is a wonderful tool for improving our well-beingEFT is a practice that combines eastern and western disciplines in order to balance the energy in our bodies, which in turn, will help us improve our physical and psychological state. For a more in-depth description, I will quote EFT expert Carol Look:


waveThis week, I wanted to reflect on a phrase that caught my attention and got me thinking… Here it is:

“If you spend your time trying to figure out what’s “best” for you, your choices will be cautious, your decisions will take forever, and your journey will be launched on a sea of expectations. If you are not careful, you will drown in your expectations.”
Neale Donald Walsch (Author of Conversations with God)


overwhelmedSometimes, the challenges of life can seem overwhelming, no matter how big or small our problems are, we can find ourselves truly swamped: by work, by worries, by responsibilities, etc.

The truth is, more often than not, the feeling of overwhelmingness comes directly from our head, we tend to think of our challenges as an enormous mountain that seems insurmountable, and we lose hope, we feel totally powerless and sometimes, we even give up.

If we looked at the short few steps ahead of us, instead of seeing the whole mountain, (more…)

freedomThis week I wanted to reflect on freedom. What is the meaning of freedom, to you?

For some people, freedom is being able to act and speak as they wish with no censoring, for others it means having enough money to own or do anything they want, yet for others, freedom is not being dependent on anybody else (emotionally, financially of physically). And the list could continue…


religious-symbolsThis week, I decided to tackle a polemic subject, but a very important one in my opinion. There are volumes to speak on the topic of Faith, Religion and Spirituality, but I just wanted to share my personal views on this vast subject.

I was raised as a Catholic and grew up in a country where 99% of the people were Catholic too, nobody questioned my beliefs and I shared them with pretty much everybody I knew. I spent a lot of time in France and there too, in spite of the fact that there was more diversity, the “official” religion was Catholicism as well.


acceptanceThis week’s topic is about something that, to some extent, we all do: we try to control everything in our lives.

We often want to be in control of a situation or a person because it gives us a sense of security and power. Unfortunately, this attitude will also give us a lot of frustration, disappointments, anger, resentments, etc. Let alone the fact that we can’t possibly control everything around us, this is just an illusion.

If you really want a particular outcome in your life, whatever it is, you should do everything you need to do towards that outcome, and then, stop thinking about it, stop speculating about how and when it will happen, or if it will indeed happen. You need to let it go and relax, because the outcome is not on your hands. (more…)

awakeSo, as promised, here is the second part of my post started last week. Before you read any further, if you did not read last week’s post, I recommend you do it first. Read last week’s post

Ok, so lets move on to the exciting realm of the 4th dimension!

The 4th dimension (in the context of this post, that is) is a stage of higher awareness (or consciousness) that many human beings are already experiencing, to various degrees. Many more are having the opportunity to realize its presence, which is the first step towards experiencing it. (more…)

universeHere is an interesting theory that I find quite fascinating and thought-provoking…

According to some currents of thought, we are on the brink of a major evolutionary leap, we are living in an era of incredible change that affects our species as well as the rest of the world. The fact that our species is at the very center of this leap is not a coincidence.

With the arrival of human kind and the higher levels of development it presented, compared to other animal species, history has seen increasing levels of sophistication that started with language systems, survival skills, etc. Humans have completely transformed their environment in a short period of time. Humans have, unknowingly accelerated the rate at which the earth and its own species is evolving. (more…)

I have been reflecting a lot about the concept of individualism and what it really means…
Many societies in the world advocate and defend individualism fiercely, as part of their culture and even their forms of government. Other societies/cultures however do not focus much on it.

I have been lucky to experience both types of cultures and I think it is very important to keep in mind that there are pros and cons to individualism, it is not all good and progressive, and in fact, it can become pretty detrimental to the individual and the society. (more…)

bettervsbitterI recently read a nice piece on how we could take every experience in our life, especially the difficult ones, and use them to grow, learn from, and become better. Yet many of us, when faced with difficult situations, become bitter, frustrated, angry or sad, and miss the opportunity to learn from the experience.

This is not to say that we should not feel all the emotions that accompany a difficult event, it is totally normal to feel frustrated, sad, angry, etc… However, it is our choice to take the situation and try to grow from it, evolve, and understand the lesson behind it. If we choose to do so, we are choosing to be “Better” as opposed to just “Bitter”. (more…)

"the power of words"This week I would like to reflect on the power of our words, and how they can affect ourselves and others.

My mom used to tell me to turn my tongue 7 times inside my mouth before I said something that I would later regret, because once the words were said nothing could take them back.

When we are carried away by negative emotions like hurt, anger, frustration, sadness, etc. we may say things we don’t mean, and we may hurt people we love, also, we may realize later that our reaction was unnecessary or exaggerated.

finding happiness and peace withinThis week I chose a subject that concerns us all: finding happiness and peace within. How can we really find happiness or peace if we are in less than happy or peaceful circumstances…

Well, the truth is, life is a journey filled with ups and downs, some days are good some are not so good, sometimes everything is working great for us, sometimes nothing works the way we’d hoped… (more…)

better-halfLately I was reflecting on the expression “Better Half.” This expression exists also in Spanish as “Media Naranja” (half orange), and I am sure we can find its equivalent in many other languages.

The use of the word half, implies that another person can make us whole, somehow complete us. Although the expression and the idea it conveys sound very romantic and appealing, it can also be very misleading. (more…)

intuitionIntuition, also called our “Sixth sense” has always been a fascinating topic to me but one that I have only recently started to explore and awaken in my own life. So, what exactly is the meaning of intuition?

According to the Dictionary : “The ability to acquire knowledge without inference, or the use of reason”

The way I see intuition, is more like an inner guidance system, a light that illuminates our path and helps us find answers, for our life to unfold at its best.