Aloe for Eczema Aloe for Eczema! Eczema is said to be incurable by the medical establishment, but is this really true? Just what is eczema? Eczema is defined to be an inflammatory skin condition that in acute stages is accompanied by vesiculation, where vesiculation is defined as the formation of vesicles. Vesicles are blisters filled with fluid.

Hardening of the ArteriesMany people are said to have had hardening of the arteries just before death. This hardening of the arteries is caused by an excess amount of calcium in soft tissue, including veins and arteries.  The technical name for this condition is called atherosclerosis, and not only is blood flow more restricted, but the possibility of a blood clot is more likely. (more…)

The flu epidemic and your immune systemThe flu epidemic and your Immune System. There have been many reports recently of deadly flu epidemics. Emergency rooms in many countries, are reporting flu casualties, serious enough to be fatal. This seems rather strange, that people who have also had their flu shots, are dropping like flies with deadly flu viruses. My own personal feeling, is that flu shots just weaken the immune system. Flu vaccinations contain so many toxins that are so poisonous, how can they be good for you? If you have a strong enough immune system, you will stay healthy throughout the flu season. (more…)

Does lack of money mean lack of good health?Does lack of money mean lack of good health? If you’re wanting to change your lifestyle and new to eating healthier, you might have a few pre-conceived ideas, that  it’s expensive to eat nutritious food. I’ve heard it said many times; “It’s too expensive to make soup from scratch”. “Health food shops  are so expensive”. “Who has money to bake cakes and biscuits (cookies)? “I’ve no time either, it’s so much easier to get them from the supermarket”. My question is; how much are you and your family suffering with bad health, because of these reasons? (more…)

Swimming a mind and body experienceFor you non swimmers, you might be asking, “why is swimming a mind and body experience”? “Water is frightening and I’ll drown” you may say  “I’ve tried swimming and it’s boring”. Ouch! you people don’t know what you’re missing. For you more experienced swimmers, have you really let your mind experience the same exercise as your body? (more…)

Blackstrap Molasses - Blackstrap Molasses is the best, because it’s made from the third boiling of the sugar cane, and comes with a strong, full bodied, flavour. Food energy content comes from the remaining small amount of sucrose left in blackstrap molasses and the iron content. The majority of the sucrose from the original juice of the sugar cane has been crystallized and removed. Why is Blackstrap Molasses  the best? Unlike refined sugars, blackstrap molasses contains vitamins and many important minerals which are essential for good health. (more…)

holistic medical doctorAn Holistic Medical Doctor is a doctor who practices  Holistic Healing . A concept in medical practice, where all the patients needs are taken into account. These needs are: environmental, emotional state, nutritional, life style and spirituality. Therefore nearly all aspects of a persons life is looked at, as a whole, instead of the parts of a whole. An Holistic Medical Doctor will sometimes integrate conventional treatment, with alternative treatment, to treat the disease of a patient and not just his symptoms. That is the  mind, body, spirit and soul! (more…)

Aspartame: the ContoversyAspartame: the Controversy! Aspartame: the controversy! This artificial sweetener seems to be the most controversial of artificial sweeteners. It’s still being tested in chemical laboratories. Although aspartame was discovered and  introduced into the food and beverage world in 1965. If this sweetener is so safe to use, why are there still hundreds of tests still being performed? (more…)

Sour Cherries: Natures Painkiller!Sour cherries: natures painkiller! Why you may ask, should something so ordinary like sour cherries, be one of natures painkillers? It’s all to do with Anthocyanins, a very powerful antioxidant compound in this fruit. Along with providing the dark red pigment in sour cherries, scientists have linked phytonutrients, to high antioxidant ratio. Reducing inflammation at levels comparable to some well-known pain medications. (more…)


Thyme : prepare for the winter cold. What   could be better than to make use of this wonderful little culinary herb. Thymus Vulgaris commonly known as Thyme. Although this pretty little herb is anything but common.

Thyme, in my humble opinion, is a superherb. A member of the mint family and is native to the Mediterranean. Why a superherb? because it will get rid of your winter cold in no time. There is only one plant thymus vulgaris but the oil distilled from the plant shows variations in chemical components, based on the location or region the plant grows. (more…)

Your fluoride drinking water factsFluoride in drinking water and how it’s made: First and foremost, fluoride in drinking water has no label to identify ingredients. If it did, it would have a combination of some of the following chemicals.

  • Fluorosilicic acid:
  • Sodium fluorosilicate:
  • Sodium fluoride:
Drinking water is the essence of life but forcing fluoride in drinking water, down our throats,  is just downright damaging to our teeth, bones and health. (more…)