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By Zenah Gazelle

Characterized by what Buddhist call “Right Livelihood” for example; service to society and environmental cooperation, people are creating their own jobs. However making the transition is never easy. Overcoming the inertia of “business as usual,” all around you can be overwhelming.  The system is set up to make it almost impossible to escape.

But it’s encouraging that millions of people are taking matters into their own hands—by contributing to the creation of a New Economy and in many cases creating their own jobs; this seems to be the best way to take charge of our economic lives. It’s time we the people declare independence from the greed, exploitation and corruption of the traditional capitalist economy.

Here are eight common sense ideas for your business and that could help form a New Economy that awakened people could bring forth:

1. The true purpose of an economy is to secure just, sustainable, and joyful livelihoods based on needs not manufactured desires. If you have a business or are starting a business you will be challenged to break free of the current model run by Wall Street financiers and world bankers who profit from creating and popping bubbles, securities fraud, low wages, unemployment, foreign sweatshops, tax evasion, public subsidies, and monopoly pricing is unjust and unsustainable.

2. GDP is a measure of the economic cost of producing a given level of human well-being and happiness. In the new economy, as in any well-run business, the goal should be to the minimize cost, not maximize it.

3. A rational reallocation of real resources can reduce the human burden on the Earth’s biosphere and simultaneously improve the health and happiness the Earth and its inhabitants. We must insist on eliminating the waste of resources on things that actually reduce the quality of our lives—war, automobile dependence, suburban sprawl, energy-inefficient buildings, financial speculation, advertising, private for profit prisons, especially for minor, victimless crimes. “The most important step toward bringing ourselves into balance with the biosphere is to eliminate the things that are bad for our health and happiness.” says Yes! Magazine Co-Founder, David Korten

4. Markets need appropriate oversight to maintain integrity, cost internalization, balanced trade, domestic investment, and equality. Markets must be free from IMF and Federal Reserve Bank manipulation. Otherwise the economy quickly morphs into a system of corporate monopolies engaged in suppressing wages, exporting jobs, and everything else associated with corporate fascism. These world banks are against the allocation of money for people and communities. Money allocation needs to come from Main Street not Wall Street. In other words, stop bank theft. Your bank should be small and local; Credit Unions are an excellent choice. Until the day the Federal Reserve is willing to print money for the 99% like they do for themselves and distribute it freely.

5. Greed is not a virtue; it’s OK to share. Your primary business purpose should be to serve people and the community. An awakened person will likely be drawn to a soul purpose that serves the needs of others and respects the dignity of their employees. This will draw success to your enterprise; otherwise you have no business being in business. Get feedback from employees, consider profit sharing programs or an employee owned business model. When people feel respected and valued their loyalty will become your best asset and that leads to success.

6. The only legitimate reason for government to issue a corporate charter extending special privileges favoring a particular enterprise is to serve a clearly defined public purpose. That purpose should be clearly stated in the corporate charter and be subject to periodic review. Don’t think of your corporation as a person and have clearly defined goals and set of operating principals for you and your business.

7. Favor local investors and consider a business dedicated to creating and serving your local community. Develop strong roots in the communities in which you do business. As your community becomes more conscious, they will become fiercely loyal customers. Community solutions are really the only effective solutions. Morgana d’Wessington says, “Converting our attentions to creating locally-oriented everything—what would that do to corporate-government? I can think of nothing that could scare the pants off of a politician faster than the people ‘going local,’ for it likely would (Gasp!) result in local control of economy, politics, ecology, food, information—you name it. If [this] was achieved, we wouldn’t need corporate-government that is centralized in cities of power where the poor are crowded, starving and overlooked.”

8. Kind and gentle leadership. Eckhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now,” says that generally, women are more in touch with their heart while men are too much in their head. The heart connection is closer to our true selves and a state of “being” rather than “doing,” which means being closer to The Source. Never underestimate the power of feminine principles when seeking advice or guidance. This becomes less relevant the more principals and employees you have that are awakened.

Written pseudonymously by Zenah Gazelle, a writer, editor and creative director for @ZenahGazelle, email:

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