Gaviotas at Thee Parkside 12-08-12 taken by Hana RoblehGaviotas is a San Francisco-based alternative/punk/metal band whose music and way of life embody the ideals of the Colombian village which inspired its name. So, what ARE these ideals? While the band’s goals include making good songs that please both the band and their listeners, songs that send a message of peace and understanding, there’s more to the band’s mission than that. (more…)

orbs respond to tuning forks Cheyenne MacMastersIs it possible for orbs to respond to tuning forks? After all, the sound isn’t broadcast beyond the ears of the listening client. A recent experiment showed that orbs may have been more interested in the interaction between therapist and client than actual sounds. Let’s see how the orbs respond as they become more accustomed to the experiment. In the first photograph, sound therapist, Lisa Stone, has attracted an orb at her third eye, the seat of inspiration. Even without the orb, the casual observer would be able to tell that she is in deep concentration.


Halo Orbs Cheyenne MacMastersWe are going to look at the phenomenon of halo orbs that show up in your photographs of passion and intensity. In the photo on the left is one of the trumpeters for the band, Sergio Mendoza y la Orkestra out of Douglas, Arizona. When you start to become fascinated by finding orbs in your photographs, extend your search beyond the neighborhood and look for orbs at musical performances.

Remember to keep your flash on, even though the stage will be brightly lit with theatre lighting. Orbs need the flash to fluoresce back at your camera. (more…)

VeilHere’s something new in the world of music. You may not have heard of singer/songwriter Ross Christopher yet, but I believe you will soon. I’ve followed Ross for some time and have enjoyed watching him develop as an artist and really come into his own. If the singles off this EP are a taste of his evolving artistry – then this is the beginning of something great.

music attracts orbs Music attract orbs, making this a wonderful opportunity for you to find orbs in your photographs. Pictured on the left is the Andy T – Nick Nixon Band during soundcheck at the Bisbee Royale in November of 2012 in Bisbee, Arizona. One of many stops on their roadtrip through Arizona before heading home to Nashville, Tennessee. The orbs apparently find the band quite interesting, there is a buzz of excitement even before the performance begins. (more…)