07-18-09_0957Springtime is the time of year when we come out of the darker days, hibernation, and colder weather of the winter season. We soak in the warmth of the sun, our energy levels begin to rise, and we become more active with the longer days. All of Nature, including us humans, begins to wake up, grow, and become more energetic. Along with this we often have an urge to do some spring cleaning – to clear away the old and stagnant and to create the space for rebirth and growth.


food-wasteI recently watched a news report about the issue of food waste in the UK and was appalled by the amount of food we waste as a country. This shocking revelation got me contemplating on the topic of food waste and how this could be averted. Below I have compiled a short list of some of the ways we could work to cull the issue of food waste in the home; (more…)

green compost recycling Green compost recycling is so beneficial when thinking about nature on our planet earth. Look about you and notice how much in nature is a complete circle of re-creation, and transformation. This is an excellent time to think about implementing a recycling program yourself. It is the beginning of 2013, the perfect time to get rid of the old ways and bring in the new. (more…)

Coral ReefThere probably are very few, if any, of us humans who have not heard of, read about, or seen and experienced first hand how our own kind litters, exploits, and wastes away our city streets, parks, other species, forests, oceans, etc. We cannot control what others do or think, but we can continue to both educate others and set examples for others to follow. Whether physically able or not, here are ways in which we all have the power to clean and green the environment:


plastic bottles

Plastic Bottles. Plastic Bottles everywhere.

Despite the immense amounts of money spent on the reduce, reuse, recycle campaign in the United States. Despite the nearly world wide acceptance of the insidiousness of plastic bottles and its destruction of the environment.  Plastic bottles are still a problem. They are a problem that has been foisted on the rest of the world by the foolhardy appetite of the west. (more…)

do the right thingIn this post we’ll talk about something called an intelligent micro-environment. Yep, I know it sounds pretty weird, but it really is quite simple. An intelligent micro-environment is simply a space within which doing the right thing becomes completely automatic and natural.

Unfortunately, the world we live in today (we’ll call that our macro-environment) seems to be custom-made to make all the wrong things automatic and natural. (more…)

one in a billionWe live in a world awash with incredible material abundance and opportunity. No generation before us has ever had access to so much stuff, so much information and such freedom for self-determination. Indeed, if you are one of the billion richest people on the planet (which you most probably are), this truly is a fascinating time to be alive.

Unfortunately however, most of us rich folks take this incredible privilege totally for granted  (more…)

Green Living with YogaLiving green and sustainably can often be challenging especially for those of us whose schedules are packed and modern conveniences help to make life…convenient. Whether on a small scale or a grand scale, we can head down the road to living green and sustainably by practicing yoga.

Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness

The meditation and physical practices of yoga, such as Asana, Pranayama, and Pratyahara, are practices to teach us that we are not our egos, but that we are interconnected spiritual beings having a human experience. (more…)

Save EnergyMany of us can’t afford to put solar panels on our roofs or go out and buy a new hybrid vehicle, but there are definitely simple and inexpensive things that all of us can do to be less wasteful. We just need to take a few moments to step out of our daily routines and look around our homes and workplaces, and how we go about our daily lives to see where energy can be saved. Here are five simple ways we can save energy: