IMG_1592-150x150An elephant’s brain, at around a whopping 7,500 grams, makes our little 1,400 gram brain seem puny.  The animal’s brain represents 1/550 of its total body weight while a human brain is about 1/40 of the total body weight.  In other words,  a human brain represents about 2.5% of the body weight while the huge grey guy’s brain is about .18 % of its body weight .  That big brain is not so impressive now, huh?


IMG_0576 (copy)I attended a talk by Neville Hodgkinson at Park Lane in London. The title of the talk was: ‘Good news: You are not your brain!’ Behind this headline lie a series of discoveries that present a huge challenge to predominant scientific theories about the self, and the nature of the material world around us.

Neville Hodgkinson, former science and medical correspondent of The Sunday Times, and a long-term meditator, has been following these developments closely. In his evening’s talk he offered an overview of recent findings and discussed the emergence of a new paradigm of science based on the primacy of consciousness.


brain_exercise_000-150x150I am convinced and research is showing that physical exercise is the number one, absolute best thing a person can do for their brain and body. While the many benefits of a workout are well-known for the rest of body, the incredible advantages for the brain are not common knowledge.

So much evidence is accumulating that physical exercise is a miracle potion for getting and keeping the brain healthy at any age.  (more…)

07-18-09_0957Springtime is the time of year when we come out of the darker days, hibernation, and colder weather of the winter season. We soak in the warmth of the sun, our energy levels begin to rise, and we become more active with the longer days. All of Nature, including us humans, begins to wake up, grow, and become more energetic. Along with this we often have an urge to do some spring cleaning – to clear away the old and stagnant and to create the space for rebirth and growth.


HealthIn this post I will share some of the main components that are important to me for maintaining a harmonious spiritual lifestyle. Such a lifestyle is the act of living in the awareness that life is a mystery and that some aspects of my existence are visible and physical and others are invisible and non-physical. I experience this harmony when specific aspects of my life are balanced, which means that I am giving them sufficient attention. These are not cut-and-dried separate components; rather they all intertwine and spiral together in my energy field. Ideally, they complement and potentiate each other. Of course, this is my view based on my own experience. You will want to adapt the concepts used and the suggestions made in this article to your own perspective. In a nutshell, when living a harmonious spiritual lifestyle, my psychosomatic organism (my operating system) functions smoothly, like a clean machine. The entails removing any sludge and residue from the engine, so be sure to keep letting go of old mental, emotional and physical stuff that doesn’t serve anymore. What I then choose to do using this smoothly operating system is another topic.


negative thoughtsNegative thoughts play a significant roll in disease development. They affect both the pH balance in our body and the state of our immune system.

Thoughts are energy and negative thoughts create negative energy. Negative energy creates stress. which acidifies our body and weakens our immune system, both of which leave us vulnerable to disease. It is essential then that our thoughts are positive.


ExpandingUniverseAs a healer I’ve often been confronted with the challenge of: How can I help facilitate the healing process? Healing is a complex process where not only the physical, but emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects need to be addressed as well. These aspects are all parts of our being, and when in balance and healthy, our well-being.

True healing does come from the inside out, but what if it can’t get out? (more…)

Healing From the Inside OutIt’s that nagging cold that just won’t go away, the back stiffness that’s been there on and off for years, or that inexplicable pain in the hip that makes activity impossible. These common “every day” ailments are, well, all too common. We seem to live in a world where having something wrong with us is almost the norm, and to alleviate the symptoms, we look for external solutions, such as physical therapy and pain pills. But what about the internal solutions – healing from the inside out?


EnergyBodyBoth from personal experience and from my experience as a healer for the past twelve years, I have witnessed the body’s amazing, yet natural, ability to heal. Unfortunately we often ignore, misinterpret, or are just unaware of the messages our bodies are telling us, and of the healing they are trying do. By tapping into our intuitive sense, by trusting those feelings and seemingly random thoughts about our health, and by listening to the physical messages our bodies send us, we can detect imbalances in our bodies and develop faith in our bodies’ ability to heal.


166698_333919493394807_1160464088_nThere are many different types of energy work, incorporating a broad range of often ancient techniques. Energy work may be one of the oldest forms of healing and many types of energy work stem from ancient shaman and seer practices from centuries ago. Though, as the name indicates, energy work focuses on balancing out and promoting the flow of energy in the body, it often also takes a holistic approach by including breathing and movement exercises, meditation and self-awareness practices, herbal and food/diet remedies, as well as lifestyle changes to assist the healing process. Here I will introduce five types of energy work for holistic health:


Aloe for Eczema Aloe for Eczema! Eczema is said to be incurable by the medical establishment, but is this really true? Just what is eczema? Eczema is defined to be an inflammatory skin condition that in acute stages is accompanied by vesiculation, where vesiculation is defined as the formation of vesicles. Vesicles are blisters filled with fluid.

Hardening of the ArteriesMany people are said to have had hardening of the arteries just before death. This hardening of the arteries is caused by an excess amount of calcium in soft tissue, including veins and arteries.  The technical name for this condition is called atherosclerosis, and not only is blood flow more restricted, but the possibility of a blood clot is more likely. (more…)


Here’s a great recipe that adds variety to your diet! ….Another added bonus – it’s gluten free! With the cooler weather something warm and nutritious provides comfort and healing for the body. The below video includes a  winter food, the bell pepper. For more information on winter foods please visit my previous article: Nurturing Your Body: Nutrient Dense Foods For Winter. (more…)

Benefits of Drinking WaterMany people will say they know how important it is to drink water, but very few can run down a list of the actual benefits of drinking water. For the longest time the only reason I drank water was because I was told I was supposed to drink 8 glasses a day. If I had known the benefits of drinking water that I know now and am about to share with you, I wouldn’t have needed any encouragement at all to drink plenty of water. (more…)

chestcablesWhen people say they want to lose weight what they are really saying is that they want to lose FAT, not muscle.  However when you go on DIET you also lose muscle. This is one of biggest problems with calorie restrictive diets.  We don’t want to lose muscle!  Did you know that the more pounds of muscle we have our bodies, the more calories we burn every day … and the more calories we get to eat! (more…)

soreback200If you are one of the many that works in front of a computer all day then you may wish to consider incorporating a few simple upper body stretches that can rejuvenate, replenish and get you centered and balanced. (more…)

The flu epidemic and your immune systemThe flu epidemic and your Immune System. There have been many reports recently of deadly flu epidemics. Emergency rooms in many countries, are reporting flu casualties, serious enough to be fatal. This seems rather strange, that people who have also had their flu shots, are dropping like flies with deadly flu viruses. My own personal feeling, is that flu shots just weaken the immune system. Flu vaccinations contain so many toxins that are so poisonous, how can they be good for you? If you have a strong enough immune system, you will stay healthy throughout the flu season. (more…)

Does lack of money mean lack of good health?Does lack of money mean lack of good health? If you’re wanting to change your lifestyle and new to eating healthier, you might have a few pre-conceived ideas, that  it’s expensive to eat nutritious food. I’ve heard it said many times; “It’s too expensive to make soup from scratch”. “Health food shops  are so expensive”. “Who has money to bake cakes and biscuits (cookies)? “I’ve no time either, it’s so much easier to get them from the supermarket”. My question is; how much are you and your family suffering with bad health, because of these reasons? (more…)

Stress200Are you feeling a little sluggish and under the weather? Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? We’ve all been there and it is a frustrating place to be. But, there is a solution! Many are affected by sluggish adrenals or Adrenal Fatigue at one point or another in their lives. (more…)