I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now, and one of the most frequent questions I get asked is: “How d’you do it?” or words to that effect. People see it as a huge hurdle or extreme challenge of wills, even I saw it this way before I became one. The truth is, it’s relatively easy to make the transition from omnivore to herbivore. Plus vegetarianism has many health benefits you can research yourself, I’m not here to talk about why you should choose vegetarianism, that’s for you to decide on your own, I’m simply going to give you a few tips on how to make the transition easier. (more…)

Beef, It's what's for Dinner! Yikes, that means Me.

Beef, It’s what’s for Dinner! Yikes, that means Me.

Beef, It’s what’s for Dinner?

Beef, It’s not just Beef Anymore.

Beef isn’t the only animal that’s in Hamburger. As the bumper sticker and commercials state. Which we have all seen on T.V.

If you don’t consume Meats and your a vegetarian there’s something here for you as well. We are What We Eat as the saying goes! The question is, Do we really know what we are eating? Chances are we don’t and that’s where the mystery lies. Most of us meat eaters LOVE a good hamburger. But are hamburgers 100% Beef?


Here’s a great recipe that adds variety to your diet! ….Another added bonus – it’s gluten free! With the cooler weather something warm and nutritious provides comfort and healing for the body. The below video includes a  winter food, the bell pepper. For more information on winter foods please visit my previous article: Nurturing Your Body: Nutrient Dense Foods For Winter. (more…)

chestcablesWhen people say they want to lose weight what they are really saying is that they want to lose FAT, not muscle.  However when you go on DIET you also lose muscle. This is one of biggest problems with calorie restrictive diets.  We don’t want to lose muscle!  Did you know that the more pounds of muscle we have our bodies, the more calories we burn every day … and the more calories we get to eat! (more…)

WHFThe previous two posts gave some general guidelines for selecting and buying healthy foods. No specifics were given (and none will be given now) for one simple reason: the specific healthy foods you bring into your home will depend almost exclusively on your favorite quick, healthy and delicious recipes. And yes, that is the reason why its so essential to know your way around the kitchen. (more…)

ginger-rootA few years back, I was struggling with chronic indigestion and heartburn. I tried using products like Prilosec OTC and Pepcid among others. They dealt with the symptoms, but never the problem at the source. Once I began to look into long-term side effects, and there are many, (liver disease to name one) I knew that I needed to find an alternative. Ginger was the answer. (more…)

seasonal produceWe’ve all heard that reports that we need to add more fruits and vegetables to our diets to maintain optimal health and weight.  But sometimes shopping the produce section can be intimidating and expensive.  However, knowing a few little “tricks” can help you eat plenty of fruits and veggies and not break the bank.  These simple tips for picking seasonal produce will help you save money and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. (more…)

kombucha partyThis is a question that I have been asked in increasing numbers over the past few months.

Kombucha is a wonderful fermented substance that gives the body energy and vitality. It is one of the healthiest drinks you can find. It is also nice because it can be fizzy, so it feels like a real treat. It has probiotic benefits and comes in many forms. It is mixed with tea and juices of all types and can satisfy a multiplicity of palates. (more…)

ChakraLightIn Chakra Gemstone Meditation Practice and Chakra Vibration Meditation Practice, I discussed chakra balancing and healing through meditation with the aides of gemstones, visualization, and chanting mantra (vibration). We can also do chakra balancing and healing with nutrition. We can bring our energy, chi, prana, and chakras into balance and harmony, and promote healing for the chakras and their corresponding areas of the body and mind with the aide of foods. Whole, fresh, and organic foods can be potent medicines and healing tools.


Intelligent grocery shoppingThe previous post started building our intelligent micro-environment for automatic healthy nutrition by giving some guidelines for buying healthy foods. This post will continue along these lines by making sure that we actually get these healthy foods into our homes by doing intelligent grocery shopping. (more…)

Five Foods that do wonders for the brainAs you may know, food and calories fuel your body each day giving it the energy it needs to functions. But you also need fuel for brain as well, and there are certain foods that are better than others. Honestly, there are foods that are simply essential for brain health and strength.  Although there are many foods that support brain health, below we will discuss five foods that do wonders for your brain. They’re great for you and taste just as great as well!

buy healthy foodsAs discussed previously, the primary aim of this post series is to build intelligent micro-environments within which happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable living happens automatically and naturally. The first intelligent micro-environment we will discuss deals with nutrition. And yes, there is no better way to start construction on this micro-environment than to buy healthy foods. (more…)

healthy-habitsSomething many people are in a constant struggle with is the concept of eating/drinking healthy habits. One of the main offenders on the New Years Resolution lists that’s quickly if not immediately broken. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. And found while the year is still fresh and some may still be valiantly holding onto the fraying edges of their resolutions, this might be of a little help, or at least a reminder of what you intended to do. (more…)

cusineayurveda2Ayurvedic Cooking is an integral part of the Ayurvedic wisdom, it`s purpose is to heal the body and the mind and keep the body and the mind in balance. Ayurveda is Sanskrit for ” the knowledge of life or daily living”. It means that humans come from nature and are an integral part of the universe, and also that we have a responsibility towards the world we live in. The balance of the universe lives within us.


herbal-teaTea has been around for more than 5000 years and is second most consumable in the world.  The refreshing beverage has been a lot humble in its benefits. Regardless of the fact that it promotes healthy heart, has anti cancer properties, boosts immunity and induces weight loss.

Nonetheless, tea has now been blended into many varieties. This doubles its benefits in terms of taste and health. (more…)

raw organic milkI am an avid raw organic milk drinker. I believe it heals the body and nourishes the immune and digestive systems alike. It’s a powerful probiotic and an incredible super food. One 8 oz. glass a day can improve overall health.

You’ll find many wonderful testimonials regarding raw milk and it’s attributes.  Equally, there are negative ones. Within the U.S raw milk is banned in 28 states, making it somewhat a controversial topic. (more…)

DSC_1113Why should you go Flourless?  I eat whole grain products isn’t that ok? Obviously Whole Grain Flour is better than bleached “white” flour, however it is still processed.  Did you know that after grains are milled and turned into flour they have a shelf life of only 1-2 weeks before the nutrients spoil?  So even if your buying Whole Wheat Flour from the grocery store hoping to be healthier your still not getting any original nutrients from the grains… So unless you are milling your own grains and using the flour fresh you should consider seeking an alternative for bread products. (more…)

DSC_1127Yep it’s true… Those charming Chia pets that were so popular in 80’s and 90’s are made from one of nature’s greatest seeds!  I can just picture women like my mother in the 90’s who were “dieting” sitting in their kitchens eating some processed crackers or low fat cookies or some other miracle low fat diet food which was so popular then, that of course had no actual nutritional value while their Chia Pets who so oddly decorated their window seals held the power to aid in their nutrition and weight loss.  Now there’s some Irony. (more…)

Blackstrap Molasses - Blackstrap Molasses is the best, because it’s made from the third boiling of the sugar cane, and comes with a strong, full bodied, flavour. Food energy content comes from the remaining small amount of sucrose left in blackstrap molasses and the iron content. The majority of the sucrose from the original juice of the sugar cane has been crystallized and removed. Why is Blackstrap Molasses  the best? Unlike refined sugars, blackstrap molasses contains vitamins and many important minerals which are essential for good health. (more…)

raw cacao

There are so many benefits of raw cacao. Where do I begin? Raw cacao is considered a superfood known to promote longevity and cardiovascular health. Cacao comes from the cacao bean grown on cacao trees and is most commonly found in South America, Malaysia and Africa. (more…)