ZenThis article: “Zen: Everyday Living and Working” is an excerpt from the introduction by Roshi Philip Kapleau to Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Zen Keys”:

“It is well to note that while Zen Keys often presents weighty aspects of Buddhist philosophy, Nhat Hanh begins his book with the concrete, practical aspects of life in a Zen monastery, where the emphasis is not on the learning of philosophic concepts but on simple labor and a life of awareness. For in Zen, intellectual learning is nothing but the studying of the menu, while actual practice is the eating of the meal.

PeaceI present to you the work of one man in South Central Los Angeles that has changed the world and through his work is creating peace in his own backyard. His name is Ron Finley and his self-chosen title is A Guerilla Gardener. What he has done with his passion is to infuse his neighborhood and the people living there with the indomitable spirit of independence and freedom and living together in peace. His spirit has caught hold and now has a life of its own, stewarded by him and reaching out more and more, growing and thriving.

His TEDx Talk is 10:45 minutes · Filmed Feb 2013

Please click on this link to view this extraordinary man and his work:

http://on.ted.com/bRze #TED

From the TEDx page on Ron Finley:

carpe diemCarpe diem! Latin, for ‘seize the day.’

And that we should!

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today.”


positive attitudeWhy would we want to develop a positive attitude? Here’s the answer. Oprah Winfrey once said, “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future by merely changing their attitude.”


healthy_at_100There are thousands of books out there claiming to offer the magic formula for healthy eating. As always, some of them are good, some are average and others are not worth the paper they’re printed on. This post will vary briefly reviewed for books which, in my humble opinion at least, represent the top of the crop when it comes to nutrition literature for a popular audience. (more…)

diet madnessIt is an often quoted statistic that the long-term success rate of dieting is roughly 5%. This number is obviously much disputed (after all – 95% of all statistics are made up on the spot ;-)), but I think that most people would agree that structuring healthy eating through dieting fails more often than it succeeds. This is why the healthy nutritional environment we are building here involves no calorie counting whatsoever. (more…)


Here’s a great recipe that adds variety to your diet! ….Another added bonus – it’s gluten free! With the cooler weather something warm and nutritious provides comfort and healing for the body. The below video includes a  winter food, the bell pepper. For more information on winter foods please visit my previous article: Nurturing Your Body: Nutrient Dense Foods For Winter. (more…)

food cravingsThe simple nutritional environment described in the previous three posts (buying healthy foods, effectively getting these healthy foods into your home and turning these healthy foods into quick and tasty meals) will require some time to set up and get used to. Also, once it is set up, it will need to be maintained and protected against attacks from irrational food cravings. This post will therefore give some guidelines on how you can kill your cravings and maintain your healthy nutritional environment. (more…)

soreback200If you are one of the many that works in front of a computer all day then you may wish to consider incorporating a few simple upper body stretches that can rejuvenate, replenish and get you centered and balanced. (more…)

Stress200Are you feeling a little sluggish and under the weather? Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? We’ve all been there and it is a frustrating place to be. But, there is a solution! Many are affected by sluggish adrenals or Adrenal Fatigue at one point or another in their lives. (more…)

Swimming a mind and body experienceFor you non swimmers, you might be asking, “why is swimming a mind and body experience”? “Water is frightening and I’ll drown” you may say  “I’ve tried swimming and it’s boring”. Ouch! you people don’t know what you’re missing. For you more experienced swimmers, have you really let your mind experience the same exercise as your body? (more…)


Maintaining a state of pure calm can sometimes prove to be quite difficult, especially when you’re in stressful surroundings. It’s easy to feel calm when you’re sitting in your room or under a tree immersed in nature meditating, but when you’re being jostled down a busy street or in a hectic work environment it’s not quite so easy. So how can you maintain a sense of calm to the best of your ability, despite your surroundings? (more…)


The importance of walking can be easily overlooked now a days. We all do it but we never give it much thought. In fact we do quite the opposite, we walk without thought for the steps we take. Our minds run rampant with idle chatter, working through problems with our life situations or obsessing over the past and future. We never really pay much attention to just walking. (more…)


Feeling a little overwhelmed? Do you find yourself feeling anxious, tense and yet, you’re still going, going, going? Are you running low on fuel in a busy world, trying to meet deadlines that seem out-of-reach and your ability for tolerance is slowly diminishing taking your mind, body and spirit into the dark abyss that I have come to call ‘Crappy Land?’ Like Michael Jackson sang,”You Are Not Alone.” We’ve all been there and it is not a fun or fulfilling place to be. (more…)

FearHow can we conquer fear? Well, let me ask you, how much time do you spend per day worrying about things that never happened in the end of the day? Be honest! Way too much! Time you could have spent on far more enjoyable things.

Why do we worry? Most of the time it’s because we have a fear of something, a fear that then turns into a “what-if-scenario”, which then turns into a worrying process. So how can we get rid of this fear and STOP worrying so much? Two steps: 1. Define it; 2. Conquer it. (more…)

eggsI am constantly having clients and friends ask me why should I buy organic animal products?  Yes I know they cost more, but it’s food people!!!  What more should you spend a few extra dollars on than something that your putting into your body?  If you are one of those people who doesn’t care about what you consume and your health then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article…. So lets go ahead and ditch the cost excuse of not eating organic. (more…)

prevent cancerWe can prevent cancer!

There is no doubt that cancer could be eradicated from our society, but we would need to eliminate pollution and become a more loving, compassionate society in order to accomplish this. In the meantime, each of us can do a number of things to optimize our health and  prevent cancer. Simply by alkalining our bodies and strengthening our immune systems we can significantly reduce our potential for developing cancer.