556705_416226825064771_150344244986365_1430406_1215915864_n-150x150We all know what our brain is, right? It is that three pounds of “convoluted mass of gray and white matter” in our heads “serving to control and coordinate mental and physical actions.”

OK.  Now, define the mind. Not so easy, eh? You may be surprised to find that there is no single, agreed upon definition of the mind.  (more…)

Information Overload

We all have to deal with potential information overload nowadays. Every time I open up my laptop I am confronted with the Universal Brain (the Internet). In order to not become a victim of this amazing new power of humanity I find it necessary to be very clear about my relationship to “information” and knowledge in general.

Zen MindThe following story is found in “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki. It reminds me of something Eckhart Tolle said: “Life isn’t as serious as you think it is.”

“There were two good friends, Chokei and Hofuku. They were talking about the Bodhisattva’s way, and Chokei said, “Even if the arhat (an enlightened one) were to have evil desires, still the Tathagata (Buddha) does not have two kinds of words. I say that the Tathagata has words, but no dualistic words.” Hofuku said, “Even though you say so, your comment is not perfect.” Chokei asked, “What is your understanding of the Tathagata’s words?” Hofuku said, “We have had enough discussion, so let’s have a cup of tea!” (more…)

writingSome time ago, I took a workshop on the healing qualities of journaling, and it made a great impact on me.

I remembered that as a teenager, I had a secret journal where I would write my feelings and thoughts. Later in life, in moments of conflict, I used to write letters to a loved one, mainly to put my thoughts in order and/or to communicate them accurately. And now I use writing as an emotion-release tool. In fact, I had been using writing all along (without realizing its positive effect.)

The fact and the matter is, when we write, we put our thoughts in “raw” format, writing is a direct way to express ourselves, just as other forms of art can be, such as: painting, dancing, playing music, etc. Writing can be revealing of our deepest truths and feelings. (more…)

The Present MomentAll of the wonderful spiritual teachings about living in the present moment finally come down to one thing: how do I live? As so often when I am delving more deeply into a certain aspect of Reality – sure enough – I find myself in a situation that gives me a real-time experience of that aspect. The last couple of weeks I have been noticing the repercussions of leaving the present moment in some very vivid ways. I posted my reflections on “Purpose” and how I notice that, in a certain sense, following a purpose tends to pull me out of the present moment. On the other hand, the mantra that came up for me while writing the post “ZEN: How to Recalibrate Myself Back to Zero” has spontaneously arisen in my mind several time over the past week and has proven to be quite effective. The mantra is “I am my own purpose”. This brings me into a frequency of being enough just as I am and that no action or purpose or indeed anything at all is needed to fulfill or complete me.


In the past I have written a post on mindfulness tips in the work place, but recently I stumbled across something whilst washing up after I’d eaten a meal and it inspired me to write another post on this topic, but more of a mindfulness guide using the specific senario of washing up, but you can take this mindfulness guide and apply it to any activity you wish. (more…)

soreback200If you are one of the many that works in front of a computer all day then you may wish to consider incorporating a few simple upper body stretches that can rejuvenate, replenish and get you centered and balanced. (more…)

Skin_noise by Jim TsinganosThere is peace to be found through quiet and lately there’s been a lot of noise about silence. There are many books on the subject including Susan Cain’s 2012 best-seller Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking. In her very theatrical TED talk with over 3 million views on line she says “Solitude matters, and for some people it is the air that they breathe.” There has also been an Oscar-winning film ‘The Artist’, a silent motion picture!  We live in a culture that celebrates the extrovert and is impressed by the loudest achiever but the truth is that solitude is a crucial ingredient to creativity. (more…)

yoga-diet-what-to-eat-tipsCould a discipline pioneered by Buddhist monks and nuns help teach us how to get healthy, relieve stress and shed many of the neuroses that we’ve come to associate with food?

Mindful Eating as food for thought and as a way to fight binge eating is a spiritually oriented  approach to the ways we nourish our bodies and souls and can improve the health of your mind, body, and soul. And it has been proven that this mindset and lifestyle can impact so many different areas of our lives, and even our society as a whole. (more…)

Mindfulness Kindness

To exercise mindfulness kindness and get that big smile of yours on your lips every day, try doing one random act of kindness every day. This has to be a totally selfless act.
Selfless: having little or no concern for oneself, especially with regard to fame, position, money etc; unselfish. (more…)

Silence is the real medicine.  Take a few minutes everyday to sit in a quiet room.  The longer the better.  Many things can happen during this time.  Thoughts rushing in, contemplation, reflection, even meditation.  The final result will be heightened awareness as well as a transformation.  It is one of the best way to cleanse the soul from environmental toxicity.

mindfulness The art of Mindfulness is both an easily accessible and equally illusive one; by which I mean you can practice it literally anywhere, but remembering to practice it in daily life can be difficult. The mind is a muscle that if not regularly exercised will wither, and mindfulness is no exception. It’s not something you can master in one session, it takes long-term practice to become proficient at it. But is essential to those who wish to be peaceful and happy.


Believe it or not, washing dishes can be easy.  If you can wash dishes right after cooking or your meal it makes it a lot less strenuous.  Food comes off much easier.  You never have to worry about piles in your sink again.  After consistently doing this, it becomes a habit.

Self-AwarenessWashing Windows, Water Spots and Self-Awareness
Today is the first day in ten that the sun is shining with such radiant splendor.
The windows command: Wash Us Now!
Ok, ok, ok, I’m on it.

Begin every waking moment with sincere gratitude.  By giving thanks to all of the present joys we focus on what matters regardless of conditions.  The intent is to place attention on abundance rather than lack, health rather than disease, and love rather than hate.  Though one would not exist without the other, we must choose what we would prefer spending our energy on.  This propels the day towards a clearer perspective.  May your innate wisdom light your path.

Inner wisdomOkay, so all this talk of self-love, compassion, expansiveness, inner wisdom…..yada yada. It all sounds ‘nice’ but it can just become words. Or it becomes this symbolic carrot dangling just outside of our reach.
We hear these words and then often have our chain of thoughts (‘I can’t do that’, ‘Yes, that makes sense’, ‘Why would I make all this effort’, ‘I like the way that sounds but don’t know how to get there’ etc). The thoughts and words sometimes keep all of it ‘outside’ of us….when it truly is already within us. (more…)