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It seems Life, whether human or otherwise, is no longer sacred. Many of today’s scientists and corporations, who actually believe that tampering with the genetic blueprints of living beings ( Genetics) will somehow improve humanity and create a better world.

This very disturbing reality became ever more apparent recently when the human genetics butchers at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) announced their discovery of a way to manipulate the DNA of human embryos to obstruct normal gene transfer and create genetically “superior” babies that are supposedly less prone to diseases. It won’t be long now we will be able to sculpture our children. According to the Chicago Tribune, these genetically-modified (GM) embryos are not yet intended to actually produce real, living children, for the public, although it is only a matter of time before this nightmare becomes a reality. Who knows what they are doing in those underground bases. (remember the movie Gattaca?), but they will be used in the present to investigate how babies of the future might avoid certain inherited diseases. By combining the genes of one man with those of two women. Every mans dream. OHSU researchers claim they have devised a way to effectively replace “defective” genes with normal ones. Sound great doesn’t it? Since when has medical science cured a disease?  Even polio is back on the scene, and they claim it’s a new strain. We all know this will turn out to be for military purposes. Who do you think pays for these studies?

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Why can they just leave Human Genetics alone?

There are two types of genes contained in cells. Those found inside the nucleus of cells, which influence visible traits such as eye color and height, and those found outside the nucleus in energy-generating mitochondria, which do not influence visible traits, and are only passed along by the mother rather than the father. It is these exterior genes that OHSU scientists have learned to alter, reprogram, and literally block from being passed down from mother to child, which they claim could one day unveil ways by which inherited diseases might be avoided. Or given to promote a pharmaceuticals company agenda. It’s not like this doesn’t happen already. They say AIDS was manufactured.

Tampering with human genetics will likely unleash a Pandora’s box of health horrors:

We will pretend that they are doing this for the betterment of human kind. Do we think this genetic manipulation of the human genome safe and ethical? The answer to this, just like to all genetically-modified organisms (GMOZ) they have shoved down our throats, is a resounding hell no, as nobody knows for sure what the long-term effects of vandalizing human genes really are until after the irreversible process has been set into motion. And then it’s to late. Yet this has not stopped OHSU researchers nor their British predecessors who conducted similar experiments back in 2008 from engaging in the abominable practice under the guise of supposedly preventing incurable diseases. Where have we heard this before? GMOZ foods are safe and just like Organic foods. It’s all lies!

According to reports, the OHSU team that worked on the study, which was published in the journal Nature, is currently trying to gain federal approval to test the development of its GMOZ babies in actual women rather than in petri dishes, which will take such experiments to a whole new level of reality. It will presumably not be long after, these “Frankenscientists” receive such approval, before GMOZ babies are normalized throughout society, and eventually be perceived as genetically superior to normal babies with genetic “defects.”

British news claims GMOz babies are already being manufactured in women. Tampering with Human genetics.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail; however, reported recently that similar GMOz babies are already in existence, having been created using similar techniques in women with fertility problems. According to that particular report, at least two babies born using genetic splicing techniques have already been confirmed to possess genes from three different parents, one father and two mothers. See it’s already happening and the U.S.A. is next on their list.

“The fact that the children have inherited the extra genes and incorporated them into their ‘germline’ means that they will, in turn, be able to pass them on to their own offspring,” wrote Michael Hanlon about the issue. “Altering the human germline, in effect tinkering with the very make-up of our genetic species … could be used to create new races of humans with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence,” or Human robots for military purposes. What will they think of next? It’s no longer science fiction, it’s science fact. I don’t know about you but this scares me to think of this in the wrong hands. Surprise, it already is.

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About Tampering with Human Genetics?

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