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I am a fan of life, and enjoying it as much as I can. I love people and endeavor to learn everything about them. I laugh plenty, smile more and sing in the shower. I am an avid student of meditation.

Motivation is always difficult to cultivate. I say cultivate because it is not something you achieve and then can move on from, you have to maintain it. But maintaining motivation can only be accomplished once one has moved out of a space of lethargy. Here are 10 ways to kick start motivation:

One: Nutrition
One should never underestimate what food can do for our bodies. We are literally “what we eat”. The food we place into our bodies will break down into various components that will become part of our cells. Surely it would make sense to make sure the right stuff gets consumed?

Moving from processed to whole foods is a great basic step to getting your mind outside of the shadows of stagnancy. Taking in fresh and organic food will begin very rapidly to transform your state of being. A sensation of lightness comes with a surplus of energy and a very comfortable ‘clean’ feeling. On an energetic level, fresh organic food is higher in vibration and will not lower yours. On a physical level, your body is receiving different nutrients to optimise the body.


Two: Exercise
No matter how out of shape you believe yourself to be, exercise is possible. It does not need to be complex or strenuous. It is important to get the blood rushing through the body, and a simple half an hour walk can make a big difference.

Not only is it good to get the heart pumping, getting out of a confined space and into fresh air can really make a difference. It allows you enough time to get to relax your mind properly. Your mind gets into the, often rhythmic, flow of exercise and gives itself a break from over thinking. On an energetic level, it recycles energy flow and encourages motion. On a physical level, it cleans the blood and helps your mind secrete serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’.


If you are trying to get motivated and lack the motivation to make a series of changes, begin with these two tips. Dedicate two weeks to making sure you fulfill both of these for at least six days of each of those weeks. By the end of it you are guaranteed to feel better and motivated to make more positive changes.

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10 Responses to “10 Ways To Kick Start Motivation (part 1)”

  1. Lotta Wanner Says:

    Very nice post! Thank you! Good points :)

  2. Kyle-Peter Hauptfleisch Says:

    Thank you! Keep an eye out for the follow up next week! :)

  3. Cyndi Says:

    Great advice, and in my experience, so true! I’m happy for this reminder today.

  4. Diva Says:

    Hi Kyle, great advice.. but my problem really has been lack of motivation to follow these first two tips.. I start and leave mid-way.. how do I tackle that part now?

  5. Kyle-Peter Hauptfleisch Says:

    Hi Diva, do you mean the first two steps in part one, or these steps in part 2?

  6. Diva Says:

    The first two in part one – Nutrition and exercise

  7. Diva Says:

    Hi Kyle, the first two in part one – Nutrition and exercise

  8. Kyle-Peter Hauptfleisch Says:

    The trick is to keep pressure off of yourself. Don’t see it as two weeks of forced exercise and nutrition, but rather break it up into days. Wake up and say “Today i am going to exercise, and eat well.” We all know how easy it is to do it one day and then give up the next, but if you just break it up into days, all you have to do is concentrate on that day. If you have a day that you cheat on, don’t beat yourself up but rather just try again tomorrow. No pressure. I would recommend reading this for a little perspective.
    hope this helps :)

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