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motivation fear-improvementOnce you have spent a week or two challenging yourself to a good diet and exercise program (part 1) your motivation will be up and we can begin focus on the next two steps to kick start motivation. 

Three: Self Improvement

If you have followed the first two steps in kick starting motivation, you would have already started to feel good. Your energy levels will more than likely be higher than at the beginning and you should be starting to feel a little bit better. We can now begin creating other good habits. Dedicate half an hour to an hour each day to making yourself better. There are a variety of different ways you can do this. It is as simple as finding something you enjoy doing, that will contribute to your skill set or life repertoire. It can be anything from playing the piano to cooking. It really doesn’t matter what it is. All that matters is that it is something you can enjoy and that will improve yourself on some level.

Half an hour is sufficient  to feel accomplished, provided you commit to doing it every single day. As you progress it will slowly begin to be an art form, something you are really good at. But more importantly than that, it will leave you feeling like you have done something. That every single day you have dedicated some time to making yourself better. This feeling on its own is enough to ignite some motivation fire.


Four: Fighting Fears

Fears are crippling. They have a function, but this function is blown up to hinder movement. They should be there to ensure we do not get killed. That is a useful aspect. What we do though, is use it as an excuse to not try new things or move forward. When you start looking at the roots of fears, following the line to the truth of what we are actually afraid of, they seem far less logical. For example, being afraid of walking up to a stranger and initiating a conversation. Few can say that, in a casual setting, this is not a scary task. But why is it scary? What is the worst that could come from just taking the chance? Rejection? Is that even a good enough reason not to try?

The truth is it’s not. That person, if heavily offended by your friendly advance, will probably forget about it in a day or two, if not immediately. You won’t though. It will sit on your mind and come up every time you try work up the courage to speak to other strangers. Logically, it makes no sense. In order for it to make sense, the following premises would have to be true.

– You would have to say the same thing every single time you spoke to a stranger.
– All strangers would have to be the exact same person with the exact same responses.
– The environment and general disposition of the stranger would have to always be the same.

We all know that the likely hood of all those premises being met is far less probable  Yet we use that experience to reason that it is a bad idea to try again.
Focus on embracing and overcoming those fears. Think of all the things your are afraid of, and keep the list. Especially the ones that knock your motivation. You will come across more things to add as you move along. Write it all down, even the silly little things. Then gradually begin working through them. Every day, try and do something you are afraid of.  If you chicken out, try something else, or try again tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up about it. And don’t let it knock your motivation.

These two points are important ones. Not only will they create more momentum in motivation, but there are a host of other benefits. You will end up being good at something like cooking or playing a musical instrument, and you will desensitize yourself to fear. Both are amazing things to behold. Fear is a bottle neck, overcoming it is removing the bottle neck and having something that you are good as is just plain cool.

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