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motivation actionSo we have created some positive physical habits in the first part of 10 Ways to Kick Start Motivation and some positive mental habits in the last one. If you have given it a little bit of dedication, you should be feeling pretty motivated already. Motivation needs consistency though, there is no point in being motivated for two weeks and then letting it slip through your fingers, or even worse, not using it to act. Action is probably the most important part of motivation; it allows for growth, movement and achievement. It also perpetually motivates motivation.

Five: Goal Setting

Action without direction is pointless. We need to sit down and create a destination, not necessarily to get there, but to find a direction. People focus too much on getting to the end. If that works for you then great, but life throws curve balls and often a goal comes about just to get you moving and then things shape up differently. Sometimes we need to just go with it. Let what happens, happen. To clarify; a person sets a goal to fly to India, he plans a little excursion around Europe en route to India. In Europe he finds a passion and decides to stay there, never ending up in India. Does this mean he never achieved his goal? In a way yes, but he ended up doing something he loves. If he was too focused on getting to India, he would have given up his passion to get there, only to feel empty when he arrived. A life without a passion is, well, sad.

Sit down and write down goals. Get some idea of the direction you want to take.


Six: Breaking the Goals Up

Dreaming big is only a problem when it is time to act. All too often people are stuck with a sense of “Where do I even begin?”
Take the goals and break them up. This is good for a number of reasons. Firstly, it creates a more manageable ideal to work towards, it is not something that is super far away. Secondly, it gives you that sense of achievement which motivates you to continue, it is always good to acknowledge how far you have come. And thirdly, it allows you to take the last point (motivation tip no. five) to heart without feeling like you have not achieved anything. Many people battle to allow the natural process of goal development. They believe that they giving up because they never achieved the initial goal. Breaking the grand goal into smaller more manageable goals allows you to develop, even change, the grand goal without sacrificing that awesome sense of achievement.

It also gives a better perspective. The grand goal is, very often, too far removed. Smaller goals are more tangible.


The funny thing about motivation is that the more motivated you are the easier it is to be motivated. Following these steps requires a little dedication, but again, it is about breaking it up and doing what you can in the moment. Don’t see it as a daunting task of being motivated for the rest of your life, but rather about focusing on getting motivated and acting today.
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  1. armingenica Says:


    Will definitely read the first part. Thanks.

    The apocalypse just started.


  2. TONJE Says:

    “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” My favorite quote, by Mark Twain.

  3. Loving Language Says:

    Great ideas!

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