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It is my hope that through my writing I may help heal, teach, and guide others on their spiritual journeys and in this life. Whatever our backgrounds, religious or not, we are all on the same journey. Though I may reference different philosophical schools, religions, and spiritual practices, I believe that under the surface they all provide paths for us to free ourselves from our sufferings and live a good and joyful life.

DivineMotherThe next mantra I’d like to present to you is a mantra to the Divine Mother. Most religions, whether monotheistic or polytheistic, have a figure who represents the Divine Mother and Mother Earth, such as Gaia, the Virgin Mary, Frigg, Demeter, Tara, Pachamama, Isis, Prakriti, and Shakti. Ancestral spirits, the souls of mothers, grandmothers, etc. who have past, can also represent the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother represents the the creative force of the Universe and on the mundane level, the creative force of motherhood and nature. The Divine Mother nourishes and sustains life. She is the cosmic mother of time and space, the dynamic action of the Divine Oneness. She is an aspect of and the creative force of the Divine Oneness manifesting as Nature and Life.

This mantra to the Divine Mother was written by Shri Aurobindo, based on a traditional Indian chant:

Om Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Parame Swari.

Om, She full of Bliss, She full of Consciousness, She full of Truth, She who is Supreme.

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