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I have a love for wisdom about how we can become more aware and have a stronger presence in life. I have a passion for more beautiful people in the world and I believe that awareness and presence go hand in hand with pure beauty. Hence I share my discoveries I am acquiring on my journey in finding my own pure beauty. I am the author of the Aesthetic Women blog – one woman’s adventure to discovering pure beauty; as well as the founder and coordinator of the Aesthetic Women meet-up group in Sydney, Australia.

FearHow can we conquer fear? Well, let me ask you, how much time do you spend per day worrying about things that never happened in the end of the day? Be honest! Way too much! Time you could have spent on far more enjoyable things.

Why do we worry? Most of the time it’s because we have a fear of something, a fear that then turns into a “what-if-scenario”, which then turns into a worrying process. So how can we get rid of this fear and STOP worrying so much? Two steps: 1. Define it; 2. Conquer it.

Step 1. Define your fear. What is keeping you up during the night? What makes all those nasty stress reactions to take place in your body? What are you really afraid of? To loose your job? Not to be able to pay rent? Not to have food on your table? To get sick and eventually die? Think about the worst-case scenario and write it down on a piece of paper. Then, read it out loud for yourself. Mmm, well this is interesting!

Step 2. Conquer it. I hope you already realized that most of the things you just wrote down on the piece of paper are actually not the end of the world, probably not even close! And if some are, then a lot of things have to go terribly wrong before the worst-case scenario takes place. In most of our lives, there are small things we can do to get us back on our feet in case our nightmare for some reason does take place. You’re probably already thinking about them right now. So what if I loose my job? There are plenty out there and maybe it is a good opportunity to start my own business, I mean, there’s nothing more to loose right? So what if I can’t pay my rent? I’ll just sell all my stuff and move into a smaller and cheaper place. So what if I don’t have food on my table? There are billions of people alive today without food on their table and they are still alive. Ok, eventually you’d get very sick and without any food your body will give up, but seriously, if you’re reading this I bet you don’t belong to that unfortunate group of people who ACTUALLY are living your nightmare! (not just worrying about it)

So, in summary. Don’t let an undefined fear take control of you. When you define your fear and map out the worst-case scenario, you automatically start seeing opportunities instead of dead ends. Seeing opportunities is equal to conquering fear. Every time that worrying starts creeping up, stop; define the fear behind it and conquer it. Life is too wonderful to be living in fear!

Set aside a certain number of days, during which you shall be content with the scantiest and cheapest fare, with course and rough dress, saying to yourself the while: “Is this the condition that I feared?” – SENECA

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  1. Susanbright Says:

    How true. Although hard to do…..very good advice!

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