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Many of times we confuse what is love and what it is like with all the emotional responses we will experience.

If you could see air would it have a different name?

If you could touch air would it have a different name?

If you could taste air would it have a different name?

If you could hear air would it have a different name?

If you could smell air would it have a different name?

I am making these statements to bring you to the consciousness of what love truly is. It is everything, anything. and nothing all of those are significant to what love truly is. If you don’t mind follow this path as it has something for you and anyone you come in contact with.

Every connection we experience we make a pass through in love, you see if the air was taken away this love would not exist. It is present no matter what we chose to do!  Even a serial killer, or a rat experiences love!  It may be twisted, demented and down right unreasonable to the human state of mind what today is in love.  Every movement is love in the moment! It has no concept of time, neither does air!  It has no concept of good and bad neither does air!

What we make out of love consist of emotions where emotions are the state of mind. The mind get’s it’s air from love!  Every experience we will have in this moment or in the past was love! You see it isn’t that love is invisible, it is visible everyday within every moment.  You make it something else when you seek for it as though it is an object, person, place or thing!

If love was an person to you who would it be?

If love was an object to you what would it be?

Would you be able state what it is to do anything with it?

See think about this, someone would find away to sell it to you if it was an object or a person! We do so for water!  Did you realize that anyone born after 1980 pays for water in some way! Do you remember when water was free?  Isn’t that a resource our planet creates that sustains existence? Now love is the energy that flows without anyway of capturing it to do this very thing.

Energy is an action resulting in motion. Love is energy and energy is love! No need to make it anything more or less. It can be different in the way that it is felt in vibration. Some energy can cause stronger vibrations than others. This can be physical, emotional, mentally, and spiritually!  These have happened for one reason or another but know the reason is powered by the energy of love.

I want to give you a brief synapses that will give you what is true in love.

A child is born male and has a parental unit that his mother is a touching, feeling person and the male is not any of those rather thinks his way through existence.  The dominant side of this unit will ultimately determine the type of man this will make, will be both. Yet to understand the feelings of touching feeling, an understanding of what it feels to do so will be quite confusing and be somewhat cold to the person who ends up mating with this male. It is not the male’s fault because he was brought into the world in love yet he interacts with love differently!  A combined confusing place of the energy of love will result. Nonetheless though it is love!  It is this simple explanation we can make it more about why don’t they? or why doesn’t she? Where neither of these are in purpose in the male/female that we experience love with.

This cycle has been in the billions and will be something that will evolve. For the energy is not just becoming more present it is becoming more about what it is to embrace the knowing of love!

If you say you love someone, what do you mean exactly? What have you found in yourself to give in energy to another is more to the question? You can only give others what you have come to experience in you, sometimes this means playing a specific role! Is that not a fact?

At this moment someone is giving someone acceptance of what they think is love, yet it is to coexist without knowing what love is inside of them to give to another.  If you have a hidden closet of things you didn’t tell them!  What you give them in love is everything you are inside experienced or not!  Take the warped ideal of acceptance out of love as it needs no acceptance only truth between you both to share!  What you keep hidden due to experiences that had you either punish yourself or reject yourself should be shared for you and another to give them your love to dance within it between you!  What we hide from others we hide even greater from ourselves in the form of non acceptance and will make another responsible for it!. If you think this is wrong ask anyone what is love?  No need to tell them what it is to you! Just see what they have as an understanding of it to know what they see it to be in the now!  This is only a place to point to, it may not have any meaning. Or they just look at you as if you will tell them the answer when all is said and done!

Love is no more an emotion than it is an object!  Don’t worry it will find it’s way to the surface whether it be now or later within your existence here. What is perceived as love in emotion always has an outlet. It could happen without you even knowing!  The secret to bliss is in this explanation it doesn’t require you to give it much thought as much as it requires you to embrace the energy that is you to give the energy of love within you!

The communication break down that happens between male/female, male/male, female/female, it matters not. It is the flow in air that love is inside of each to understand every movement has love in it!  Pay attention love is everywhere around you! It flows in this moment to all moments!

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What do you think?

3 Responses to “Self Awareness: Love is energy”

  1. Tomas Qubeck Says:

    Yes, Lee – we need to have very subtle senses, unclouded and serene to truly pick up on what you are pointing to. And yet, it is so obvious! Thanks for this great exercise in perception!

  2. Lee Patterson Says:

    My dear friend, I awake every day with new eyes in every moment they allow you to see it from all sides, the way it is perceived at some point uses up very little brain capacity to allow the other part to awake an realize it has the ability! Being new it can always see love in any angle for it never is taught an opposite!

  3. Tomas Qubeck Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yes, New and fresh in every moment! That is the challenge – and it is becoming easier day by day!

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