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i am a creative soul, an artist. In search for truth, inner love, like to share. Give cranio sacral therapie, footreflexology, ayurveda, ayurvedic cooking classes. Learn harmonium and singing.

handsThe magic moment of creation :

Creation is a way to express something thats go farther then your own person , your stomach , your heart, everything is moving to let it come out, i have no experience with pregnancy yet, but every time a creative process is done, i feel i give in a way a birth.

Sometimes it can start in a dream, a vision, that you keep thinking why did i dream that ??

Later another sign comes , and another, and then something move in your heart and you feel a moment of oneness. You feel everything is one, you on the train, and feel ok i go this way.

You feel like you guided, with a smile, to go deep in the subject.

When you deep in the subject , you translate something that your own soul can not put in words, only the vibration of the work can bring the message.

The present you receive is magic, and you want to share this magic …

My last work from tibet to mexico, is started in Indie, i was walking in the village, to have a chai like every day, to play with the dog and speak with rajou, to buy some candles ( not to much electricity there), and suddenly i founded on the ground a play card, in the morning i asked during my meditation when will start my new inspiration, i am so ready…

Ok so this was a beginning, the first idea was to make a collage of it, but  i saw the back some days later, and it was a kind of mandala. And a voice say circles, repetition…

In the ashram i had a dream to specific to explain, but it was around 2 places mexico and tibet.

So what was the plan to go next trip to mexico or to tibet?

I was planning to visit dharmsala but like usual in Indie, every plan you make turn different, so on the way back home i spend some times in the tibetan colony, in new delhi, it was not tibet but i could have a first experience, and i started to be fascinated by the tibetan mandalas, the geometry.

When i came back home slowly slowly i get attracted to read, to look at books from tibet, and from the maya, and mexican cultures. Also about the symbols that maya use. The GOLDEN COLOR

You now this moment when your heart start to move, you are there but same time you enter this dimension of heart energy , worried go, thinking go, you are again in this train to somewhere, you really now its the good train, and you trust where it will bring you.

But you are also in a fascination, you just open a new door, with so many information, that i am shure your cells memory now what happened they are all jumping and happy you opened this door in this life. Maybe you heal a past life ?

A lot of nice coincidence happens then from that moment , i was helped  with photoshop and illustrator, because i felt this work needed this clean way of translation to keep the essence. And a lot of other moments that you now how thank you universe, i shure every body nows this feeling.

But in this  process of translation, i feel that for me, its work to be dedicated, with devotion from your heart, because you now you have to make it , its a gift you receive and you want to put the energy again and again in .

The funny thing is that afterwards it become more clear why mexico why tibet, also from this cell memory who starting to communicate with me, and trough meetings, or after a cranio therapy.


So one i feel when i create i am just an instrument who say i will translate it in a way, and second it also awakening my own cell memory so it is also healing me.


I am very gratefull off it, and believe that this is just a way, and this process can come  in many other ways to awaken this light in us , because once you are in this train, or maybe the train in the water, it is just the beginning of a beautiful journey who keeps you awake and in passion. Who keeps your inner flame and want to light the others. Who makes you feel again a child who have no worried of tomorrow.





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  1. SofiaSiberia Says:

    Lovely post! I love creativity as well and I shared a lot of thoughts with you here. I think creativity is like a need and a sweet obsession – to create is to give birth to something beautiful that will have a life on its own and will possibly inspire other people

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