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It is my hope that through my writing I may help heal, teach, and guide others on their spiritual journeys and in this life. Whatever our backgrounds, religious or not, we are all on the same journey. Though I may reference different philosophical schools, religions, and spiritual practices, I believe that under the surface they all provide paths for us to free ourselves from our sufferings and live a good and joyful life.

HarmonicesMundiAum isn’t just a chant that yoga instructors use to open and close a yoga class. It is the “sound” of the divine energy, a song that reverberates throughout the cosmos singing in celestial harmony. It is also the universal prana, the vital energy or breath of life, that is represented by the sun. Interestingly, scientists have discovered that ripples on the surface of the sun are vibrations of energy – sound waves! Yes, the sun, and likely all the billions and billions of other stars out there, are singing their songs out into the universe. This vibrational hum of the stars cannot be heard by our human ears, but its vibrational energy can be felt when we are in deep meditation or in a meditative state of awareness of the oneness of all.

The three sounds of A-U-M also reflect the three main aspects of our personal astrology, our Ascendant, Moon, and Sun signs, respectively. As explained in The Prashna Upanishad:

AUM has three sounds. Those who meditate on a come back to earth, led by the Rig Veda, to lead a pure life, full of faith and love. Those who meditate on the first two sounds, a and u, led by the Yajur Veda, go into the lunar world, full of pleasure, from which they come back cloyed to the earth again. But those who meditate on au, and are led by the Sama chants to the sun, where freed from sin, as a snake sheds its skin, they see the supreme Lord, who lives in all.

With the help of Pythagoras’ mathematical discovery of the ratios of musical harmony, Johannes Kepler discovered that the elliptical movements and velocities of the planets in our solar system correspond to harmonic ratios and to the musical intervals of a complete scale. The music of these spheres, along with the song of the sun, create the celestial harmony. Our solar system and the whole universe is alive with prana, vibrational energy, strings, the Higgs Boson particle, or whatever manifestation of God resonates with each of us, from which all is created. Whatever that vibration may be, Om, Aum, Amen, Shalom…let’s all together sing the song of the cosmos!

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2 Responses to “Aum…The Song of the Cosmos and Celestial Harmony”

  1. cheech Says:

    What a great article, and I hope this read by anyone interested in music.

    My link to the mystery and wonder of music (the language of the angels) is through the chord “Aminor”, which can have an extremely powerful physical and emotional effect on my whole being. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is an excellent example of a master of its usage (what does Stairway to Heaven mean to you?) amongst many others, certainly not excluding the best of the Classical Masters. Aminor is also an excellent sound mantra for meditation. There’s probably research on the significance of its vibratory rate, but just googling it you become boggled with data. Maybe one day I might follow through and publish an article, but way too busy just now, although I can get lost forever jamming in the Aminor Pentatonic scale.

    AUM, to me, is the germinal sound. If you take a full complete yogic breath, then slowly expel the air through your vocal cords as you gently join your lips, the sound formed becomes A-U-M . . . try it, it’s spine-tingling!

    Also, as a small child I would lie in my bed pre-sleep and imagine that I was observing the earth from a distance (hold a soccer ball in your outstratched palm) and listen to the emanating sound. I can’t hear it now after almost 60 years and much mental and emotional corruption, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was, guess what, “Aminor”!

  2. Julianne Victoria Says:

    Thank you for this information! I will do some research on Aminor.

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